A Day in the Life of a Blissful Mama (6/12/12)

I’m back!! I must say, taking a vacation from blogging was an excellent idea! If you are a blogger I highly recommend taking a few weeks off from time to time. It is so rejuvenating and refreshing to unplug from the matrix and focus on what is real, connecting with nature, family, and friends. This summer I learned how to juggle, wrote a few songs, and ate lots of food from our beautiful garden. I also had my blog redesigned (if you didn’t notice) by the sweet and talented Amy Tuggle. Below I have recorded a sample day of my relaxing, stress free summer. This one is from June 12th, 2012, when my son was 19 1/2 months young.

Watermelon from our garden

6:15 am: David wakes up to nurse. I feel well rested because I went to sleep at the same time he did last night. Although I like my personal time in the evening to do yoga and write, sometimes I really enjoy getting 10 hours of sleep :) I look out my bedroom window to see clouds, sky, trees, and morning sun blending together to make a gorgeous, vivid, and colorful scene which looks more like a painting than real life. I breath deeply and try to take in the magic of it all.

7:10 am: Bryan comes in because he hears David. He has been up since 5:30 am to get a little work done before we woke up so we can enjoy more time together today. He is such an amazing man! We go outside so David can pee. Our garden is AMAZING!! It rained last night so I don’t require to water today. I thank God for doing it for me. We take our compost out, pee on our garden and play with Chula (my sister’s dog who we are babysitting for a few days).

7:30 am: David requests kale chips for breakfast. I do my 5 rites while he eats. David brings me his ring sling and asks for a “horse walk.” I put him in his sling and we go outside to see the donkeys, horse, and birds flying and landing super close to us. I have a deep connection with birds. Many times they fly near me, look at me, communicae with me, or land on my head when I am in a particularly high vibrational state.

8:00 am: Bryan goes into his office for his work conference call. I give Chula breakfast. I add a couple raw eggs to her food, which she loves. David plays in Bryan’s guitar case while I eat breakfast. Honeybush tea with lemon and apple slices with tahini, lucuma, salt and honey. David comes in and asks for cookies so I give him raw super ginger cookies made out of ginger, sesame seeds, date and coconut. I also share my remaining breakfast with him. David runs outside to go pee. He is fully house/potty trained. Yay for Elimination Communication!!

8:45 am: David tells me he needs to poop. He goes, I wipe him, and throw his poop in our compost pile. We have been composting his poop since we read The Humanure Handbook. David then asks to play with our hose so I turn it on for him and go inside to soak sweet potato leaves from our garden in olive oil and lemon juice. I go back outside to play with David. He giggles joyfully whenever he sprays me. We take a snuggle milk feeding break and then observe the grasshoppers, ants and roli polies together.

9:45 am: Bryan comes out of his office to start a load of laundry. He seems tense. I ask him about it and he says he has a lot of pressure to get things done today. Most of the time his job is easy for him. Many times he only requires to work 6 hours to complete what is required in an 8 hour work day. Other times his job requires a high amount of mental focus. His company relies heavily on his problem solving genius. I give David some goji berries and chlorella tabs to munch on (as a distraction) while I bring some raw chia crackers and hummus to Bryan’s office and give him a head massage with valor essential oil. I do energy work on him while he works.

10:00 am: David looks sleepy. I push him on his tree swing while I jump on my rebounder and say my daily affirmations. Mother, thy name is multitasking.

10:15 am: David is asleep. I take him out of his swing and to our bed. I drink water and coconut kefir as I write in my book for 45 minutes and then meditate for and hour and a half. Meditation is essential for blissful mothering. It helps me to be happy and present in each moment with David.

1:15 pm: David wakes up and nurses. Bryan comes out of his office and takes David outside to potty. I go out into our garden and pick basil. David picks a cucumber. I prepare lunch. Basil pesto (pine nuts, olive oil, lemon, basil, salt) on soaked sweet potato leaves, avocado, tomato and cucumber from our garden. We eat outside under our hackberry tree. Bryan and I have a New Earth raw treat for dessert.

2:00 pm Bryan answers some work e-mails while I read with David. I love watching his language develop and seeing into his unique thoughts. We take a walk with Chula and check our mail. I find a package by our gate! It is my sunorganic order with rose hip oil, macadamias, and lentils. I love shopping online. It feels like Christmas every time I get a package! David feeds Chula organic treats we purchased for her at Whole Foods.

2:45 pm: David snacks on some leftover goji berries and chlorella while I read. He brings me his Ergo carrier and asks me to wear him. I put him on my back and go outside to work in the garden. Soon he wants to get out and play with sticks and push his wooden wagon around our yard. I get a lot accomplished. I am only interrupted temporarily by a snuggle milk feeding and a few bugs David tells me I just have to see.

3:45 pm: Bryan takes David for a walk while I do some writing. I eat raw ginger cookies, drink water and beet kvass.

4:40 pm: Bryan and David come home and tell me all about their walking adventures. I lay on my hammock with David and nurse him while Bryan and I talk about our dreams. David gets up and goes over to Chula and pees on her fur. Chula looks up at David like “what just happened?” I cover my face to hide the fact that I am laughing hysterically while Bryan calmly tells David it is not appropriate to pee on animals. I wash Chula off with our hose. Poor doggy. We give her treats to make up for it.

5:00 pm: From our garden we pick peppers, squash, ground cherries, and ripe strawberries. We cut up raw squash on a plate with olive oil, salt, and pepper. Delicious! David looks completely blissful. There is a cerain love that flows through when you eat food you have grown yourself with your hands while snuggling outside with people you love. More snuggling on our hammock, breastfeeding, and talking with Bryan ensue.

6:00 pm: Cleaning party! We play dance music to make it fun. David even joins in by sweeping our broom across the floor. He stops to snack on pumpkin seeds and mango superfood icecream (mango, ice, blue green algae, amla berry, hemp, lucuma, mesquite, honey)

6:45 pm: We take a family walk. There is so much to discover in nature, especially in the eyes of a 19 month old boy. We pick and eat greens from our garden. I watch David run around our yard with a stick. I could watch him for hours. He is so beautiful, strong, vibrant, confident, and comfortable in his environment. David poops in his little potty. Bryan wipes him and takes his poop to our compost pile.

8:00 pm: We pull laundry down from our clothes line and Bryan and David take a bath together.

8:30 pm: Bryan plays Teach Your Children Well on his guitar while I dance with David. He laughs and laughs when I spin him around in a circle. I take David into our bedroom and nurse him to sleep while Bryan serenades us with Ave Maria and Oh,Holy Night. I caress David lovingly, putting good thoughts and vibrations into his head while he drifts to sleep.

9:15 pm: Bryan lights some candles and we take a long, sensual, and relaxing shower.

10:00 pm: Bryan finishes up his work while I do yoga, then we both prepare for bed.

11:30 pm: Snuggled together with our son we quickly fall asleep.


  1. Welcome back, Rose!
    I’m Marina from Italy, I wrote to you some months ago, as I fully appreciate the way you are bringing up your child, as it is very similar to the experience my twin daughters (3) and baby boy (2) are living here. We too spent a nice, long summer, it’s still so unseasonably warm that as I’m writing all the kids arehappily playing naked in our yard!
    I enjoyed througout your account of a typical summer day , and the wonderful pics.
    Waiting for more !


  2. Hi, you are looking great! I just left a link to this site in a comment when I was talking about the grounding effect of walking barefoot, like your son does (David Wolfe talked about it). Erica Robinson has a blog that she writes on frequently about health. She is a naturopathic college student and just had a baby. She writes on her blog all that she learns about bringing up her baby naturally. Although since she lives in Canada, her weather is not as mild as your Texas weather.

    She has a real passion for writing and also likes telling people about things that she learned the hard way like broken vagina syndrome and a prolapsed uterus after having her baby so that other people can learn to avoid these things. Maybe you could leave an encouraging comment on her blog. Her previous post was about having a great guy, but also having low self-esteem. Also she needs encouragement about how she is a goddess. She could be the naturopathic goddess. http://www.wholelifehealth.ca/bed-time-routine-for-baby-how-to-get-your-baby-to-sleep-naturally/
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  3. I just tweeted this post to my 43,000 followerers on Twitter. I remember you telling me way back that I should get more followers on Twitter.
    Chuck Bluestein´s last blog post ..7 Most Effective Ways to Prevent Breast Cancer


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