A Day in the Life of A Blissful Mama (9/3/11)

I wrote this down exactly a month ago and now I am finally posting it! Ha ha! I am enjoying my real life too much to do a lot of computer projects these days. I do, however, desire to update my blog at least once a week because I have so many awesome insights and exciting things to share with my online family and friends. This will be my last “Day in the Life of a Blissful Mama” post for a while. I had fun recording and reflecting on my days and I hope you have enjoyed it too :) If you haven’t read my other posts, check them out here and here. I think I have captured with these three posts how my life flows at the moment. Thank you so much for reading and commenting! It means a lot!

mimosa tree sprout

6:45 am: I wake up as dawn is breaking. David and Bryan are still asleep next to me. Oh goodie!! I am the first one awake! This means I have time to myself, to do anything I choose, to prepare for this day in a meditative and meaningful way! What to do, what to do? I could do the 5 rites, I could do some kriya yoga, I could do a neti pot, I could say affirmations or read a book while drinking warm herbal tea. I opt for staying in bed, breathing deeply, and having a conversation with God.

7:15 am: David wakes up. I take him potty and get back into bed for breastfeeding and family snuggles. Bryan and I talk while David burrows around in bed.

7:30 am: I make a fig and grape smoothie (figs, grapes, vanilla, ice, star anise, salt), and go outside to greet the beautiful morning. I share my smoothie with David. We watch as cute little birds land on our huge dried sunflowers to pick out sunflower seeds to eat: a natural bird feeder.

8:00 am: David gives us a clear signal that he needs to pooh. We potty him and clean him off. Afterward, I water our garden, seedlings, and trees. I am thinking about the amazing forest garden we are going to create in our yard next year.

8:45 am: I am inside. Bryan runs in to tell me David just stood up and started walking across the yard!! We celebrate with him. I reflect on his amazing development. Before 3 months he was in my arms constantly (continuum concept style). I didn’t set him down for tummy time until 12 weeks, although he slept on his tummy in our bed. At 3 months he was rolling from front to back and back to front all over our living room floor. At 4 months he could scoot around on his belly. At 5 1/2 months he started sitting up and crawling on all fours. At 6 months he was pulling up and saying his first words. At 7 months he was doing squats, crawling up stairs, and cruising with the assistance of only one hand. At 8 months he could stand on his own for a few seconds and loved to dance by bouncing up and down on his legs. At 9 months he took his first steps, learned how to get into a standing position from a squat and loved to walk all over the place holding onto my hands. Now, at 10 months, he can stand up and start walking on his own whenever he feels like it. He is so AMAZING!! David stands up again and claps for himself. We clap with him. I hold out my hands and he walks to me. We go inside. I give him blackberries to eat while we plan out which classes we are going to attend at the Rethinking Everything Conference today.

9:30 am: We leave for the Mckinney Farmers Market. I feed David milk while in his car seat and read him a book. I just started reading to him two days ago and he absolutely loves it!! The reason I waited so long to start reading was because of my research on brain development in children. Apparently, introducing left-brained activities too early, such as reading, writing, math and even watching television, causes a child’s brain chemistry to be altered. They generally become left brained dominant, which we can see as an example by looking at our culture. In Waldorf Schools, founded by Rudolf Steiner, which focus on whole brain development, teachers encourage young children to engage in music, dance, fantasy play and nature interaction. Reading and writing are not introduced until after their 7th year. Joseph Chilton Pearce, author of Magical Child , says “When we force the child to work prematurely with abstract thought, we break up the vital unity of self and world. “Writing,” Vigotsky explains, “virtually enforces a remoteness of reference on the language user.” Writing (and to a lesser extent reading) enforces a separation between name and thing named. To deal with this kind of abstraction, the logic of differentiation is forced to skip all preliminary steps and prematurely begin such a seperaration. The result is an enforced seperation between self and world, even though the diferentiation required is still clumsy and inadequate. (Thus, Furth claims premature literacy stops the development of intelligence cold for two to three years.)”

I would have waited a few more months to start reading to David, after he had overcome the need to put everything in his mouth, but two days ago, David was heading for one of my books I had left on the floor. I picked it up and said, “This is not for you.” I heard him say to me, telepathically, “will you show me how it works?” He has always loved to hold books, flip through them, and put them in his mouth. I pulled out a children’s book, sat him on my lap, and started reading. He loved it and asked me to read it to him again several more times. So you see, learning conscious child raising theory can be helpful, but following your child’s intent comes first.

10:00 am: We arrive at the Farmer’s Market and take David potty. I love being here! We visit Paul’s stand and purchase organic pears, eggplant, okra, and green beans. We also buy some extra virgin olive oil, mushrooms, honey, and a loaf of organic zucchini bread which we eat in the car on our way home.

Me showing off some okra at the farmer’s market

10:30 am: We arrive home. David goes potty again and takes a nap. I enjoy some time on the computer. Bryan makes kombucha and nettle infusions.

11:45 am: David wakes up. We want him to get more sleep because of the fun filled day we have ahead so Bryan bounces him and I nurse him. We are successful!! David happily drifts back to sleep. Bryan and I take a shower together….. I take deer antler, mountain ant extract, MSM, and marine phytoplankton (to learn more about these powerful superfoods, look for them here)

1:00 pm: David is still asleep. We have a class to attend at 1:30 so I pick him up, put him in his ergo carrier, and get into the car. He sleeps the entire way there! This means he has taken a 3 hour nap!! I am glad because I predict he will be going to bed late tonight.

2:00 pm: We arrive at the Sheraton hotel in Irving. I take David potty and put a shirt and some training pants on him. We see free beings everywhere!! People dressed up, walking around with no shoes on, children playing with games and doing art projects, people doing yoga and meditating by the pool. After spotting some friends and talking to them for a moment we go to our first class which is called “Slavery is not Noble” by Sarah and Chris Parent. It is about following your bliss and getting out of the mindset of working your life away doing something you hate (or tolerate) for money. They tell us a story of their son, who used to say he wanted to be a woman when he grew up. His parents thought there was more to it. Maybe he was homosexual? Well, as soon as his father became a free being, working from home, only a few hours at a time, their son changed his mind and decided he wanted to be a Dad when he grew up. Obviously he did not want to follow his father’s footsteps when he was tied down and unhappy. Yes!!! We are totally going to manifest Bryan working from home soon, and eventually working/playing for himself, following his creative bliss!! Another mom, who practices EC with her baby, comments on David’s cute training pants. I have an extra pair so I give it to her. I leave class a little early and find a barefoot book stand. I pick out two awesome books for David. Listen, Listen! and I Took the Moon for a Walk. Both of them are nature based and have a great message.

3:00 pm: I go into my free reiki session. This is my first time receiving one and I love it!! Afterward I feel light and tingly, especially in my head.

3:30 pm: We go up to our friends hotel room to relax, eat, and read our new books to the children. We have yummy “pear strudel” (pear, hemp seeds, chaga, lucuma, coconut oil, honey, etc). David nurses and enjoys some grapes and tomatoes.

Bryan reading “Listen Listen!” to David and his friends

4:30 pm: We go to our “EFT From the Beginning” class by Dr. Joe Duchene. We arrive an hour late but I still get exactly what I need from it. That is what I call “divine timing.” I am always in the right place at the right time, receiving exactly what I require to receive. Plus, I can really concentrate and learn because Bryan took David for a walk outside. I munch on okra from the farmer’s market and home made kombucha.

5:15 pm: Class ends. I feed David milk and we go back to our friend’s hotel room to hang out. I eat some macadamia nuts and chlorella. We go downstairs and watch children play.

6:30 pm: David is tired and we are feeling ungrounded from the hotel energy. We decide to get some food and find a nearby park. David falls asleep in the car. We go to Chipotle, which is a great place to get “fast and convenient food” because most of their stuff is organic. I order a salad (lettuce, guacamole, salsa, beans). We drive to a park and I sun gaze, listen to the cicadas, and touch my bare feet on the ground as I eat. I take several deep breaths. I feel rejuvenated and peaceful.

Sun gazing in the park

Grounding my feet to the earth

7:50 pm: David wakes up. We go for a walk in the nature preserve by the park and then drive back to the hotel. I read David one of his new books in our car. When we arrive at the hotel we go outside by the pool. It is really windy and feels great. David plays with some rocks by a crepe myrtle tree. We go inside and watch a bunch of kids jumping up and down on a bouncy twister board. David gets excited, stands up, and walks over to it. I share a nettle/lemon balm infusion with Bryan, my friend Courtney, and David.

9:30 pm: Bryan watches David while I go into a shamanic dance room and dance for 15 minutes. Ahhhhh! It feels so good to move my body in this way.

10:00 pm: We leave. David nurses in our car and falls asleep.

10:45 pm: We arrive home. I set David down on our bed and nurse him into a deep sleep. Bryan and I plan out which classes and activities we desire to participate in tomorrow. I do some EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) tapping I learned earlier, brush my teeth, and stretch. We say a family prayer and drift off to sleep, knowing tomorrow is going to be another full on, fun filled day!

P.S. To learn advanced parenting techniques click here for books and information on how to raise a super being.


  1. Sounds like another great day! Glad to see you back in action!


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