Raw Blueberry Chia Pudding Recipe

Here is a Yummy Blueberry Chia pudding recipe I made for our potluck party tonight…

Chia is such an amazing superfood! I highly recommend adding it into your weekly eating plan along with as many pristine raw foods and superfoods as possible:)

Enjoy Every Bite!


  1. Hello, i run a site at http://www.juicingforum.co.uk, and have a section for raw food recipes. I was wondering if you would like to put this recipe on my site.

    It is one of my favorite raw food recipes and ive been playing around with different versions since i found it.

    All id need is a little text and possible a picture but could take that from the youtube video easily enough, will include back links to your site etc.



    Rose Goddess Reply:

    @Chris Sure! I appreciate you asking first!


  2. Dalton Helton says:

    Would you be interested in a chia art contest if so go to chachia.me/tenors


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    Rose Goddess Reply:

    @Tammy Thank you so much for the offer! I wouldn’t be able to give you that much content as quickly as you require it because being a full time mom gives little time for writing. I hope you find someone who can!


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